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Safeguarding your business information

If your business data is important to you, our fully managed backup 
service will always keep it secure and available

If you have ever experienced the disruption, cost and business impact of data loss or corruption, you'll know just how important it is to protect your business information by backing it up regularly and securely.

Why you need Backup Systems . . .
  • Comprehensive data backup service
You always have fast access to your business information if your computer equipment breaks down or is stolen (or if your business premises are unusable due to fire, flood or natural disaster).
  • Complete archiving service
You always have fast access to past copies of data that has been changed or deleted over the past days and months. And you retain “snapshot” data for year-end accounting and tax purposes.
  • Fully managed service
You receive daily written notification of all backup procedures, and you will be contacted by an experienced system administrator if your daily backup fails or is incomplete.
  • Advanced, secure, web-based systems
You can easily and safely retrieve your backed up documents via a secure web connection from anywhere. And if you have a major computer failure, we express-deliver the latest copy of your data in bulk - it’s all part of the service.
  • Local system development specialists
You always have access to business professionals who can advise on the most suitable data management and backup strategies for YOUR business. And when disaster strikes, we can provide specialists to help you with system restoration and rapid recovery.
  • Offsite backups replace tapes and local storage media
You save money on backup tapes and tape handling equipment, and avoid messing around with memory sticks, CDs and DVDs for your backup activities.
  • Easy to set up, automatic process
Your backups are made without intervention of your staff and with no cost for staff training and technical support.  And plans are tailored to your specific capacity needs.
  • Partnered with one of the largest Australian IT data centre operators
You know that your vital company data is backed up securely off-site in an Australian Class 1 data centre.
  • 24 x 7 help desk.  We always “go the extra mile” for our clients
You get a complete service package for protection of your business data, saving you time, hassle and money.
If business continuity is important to you, contact Backup Systems now to find out how we can protect your data from loss or corruption.

Email:     In Australia, call: 1300 30 88 97


"No matter what happens to your computers or premises, we'll keep your vital business information secure and available."

Take control with our simple user interface:
Client software for configuring backups.

Secure web login to view backups and recover data.

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